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About me

Hi, I'm Keren, an independent designer artist and tattooer.

My parents were diplomats so growing up we moved a lot from one country to the other. I experienced many different cities, different houses, different languages, different friends.

I took to drawing early, I guess amidst all the constant changes, that was one thing I could take and keep with me. It was a universal language that could be ''spoken'' to whomever could see without the discomfort of language barriers. It also helped break the ice with new friends. So as soon as I could hold a pencil I've kept it close and it's been my best friend ever since.

I'm an animal lover, nature is one of my biggest inspirations. I guess language (or lack of) plays a part here too. You don't need to speak 'cat', 'dog' or 'bird' to interact with a cat a dog or a bird :).

I'm a fan of the freaks, of the strange and bizarre. I'm a collector and keeper of memories and objects. I have an affection towards the relationship between man and beast. I love taxidermy, curiosity cabinets, natural history museums. I'm an avid reader and cinema goer. I'm intrigued by death and love life.

My love for art led the way to my studies in the arts. I have background in classical animation and industrial design and I have recently taken my love for drawing to tattooing. 

So what is pieceofka? (pees-of-kah) n.: a piece by or pertaining to the art and inspiration of Keren Asaf. 

Pieceofka, in a nutshell, is a place for my world of inspiration. It's where my art has a home, its where my inspirations take form as jewelry now but maybe something else later. I am happy to share my work with you.

Feel free to contact me or say hi. Welcome to my world, enjoy!